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What is Look It Up?

Look It Up is a utility to search for terms on multiple web sites at once. It helps you find research sites based on Types e.g. Dictionary or Images. Once you choose a Type, you are presented with a range of Sources (pre-defined web sites that support keyword searching). Each Source appears in a separate tab (you can have as many of these Source tabs as you want). Enter the terms you want to look up and Look It Up will look up the search results of all Source web sites simultaneously. You can even define your own Source types!

Default Source Types include: Almanac, Biography, Dictionary, Encyclopaedia, Entertainment, Images, Legal, Library, Literary, Maps, Medical, News, Quotations, Search, Technology, Thesaurus, Translation, Video, Weather and Wiki. There are over 250 Sources included by default with more being added all the time.

Please note: a very limited number of Sources need an account from that site before you can perform searches. You can perform two Look It Up searches before the program will request a serial number. Relaunch to continue using the program.
  • You can create your own Sources i.e. define your own search sites. Each new source will require a: Type, Source Name, URL Domain, before search terms text, between search terms text and after search terms text.
  • You can open as many Source tabs as you want. They are remembered when you relaunch.
  • You can shrink down the terms controls and browser controls to have a full-screen experience.
  • Each tabbed browser has forward/back buttons as well as increase/decrease font size buttons.
  • You can duplicate a tab, move is right or left.
  • You can remove a single tab or all tabs.
  • You can open any tab in your default browser.
  • You can get a tab to be ignored. Changing a term will not change the tab's URL and clicking the Look It Up button will not change this tab's page.
  • You can copy the visible text, all text and all HTML text from a tab's web page to the computer's clipboard.
  • You can have the computer read aloud the text from a web page in a separate Speak Text window. On the Macintosh it highlights the text as it reads it.
  • You can check for updated Sources on the HMS servers.
  • If you have an excellent new Source, then contact HMS so they can include it for all users. It will also then be available on all the computers you run Look It Up on.

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Use it fully twice each launch. If you like the program, please purchase it from PayPal below. You will be emailed a Serial Number within 24 hours.

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HMS Release History

Available Now Look It Up 1.0 — 29 November 2012
[New] First release on Macintosh, Windows and Linux
[New] Compatible with MacOS X Mountain Lion.
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