What is KeyWack?

KeyWack is a game for people with babies and small children who like to sit at their parent’s computer and bang the keyboard. KeyWack covers the whole computer screen preventing accidental changes to your documents. It makes banging even more fun by drawing pictures, text, shapes and playing random sounds as the keys are whacked. You can also click with the mouse to place a shape at a particular location.

KeyWack has been designed to expand as your child grows in expertise from toddler, intermediate, genius and geek options. It can also display random Bible verses and traveling text such as people's names, cities, states, countries and foreign dictionary words.
  • Limit display to counting through numbers then letters to teach kids (Command-K on macOS or Control-K on Windows and Linux)
  • Turn the background screen to black to increase the contrast (Command-B on macOS or Control-B on Windows and Linux)
  • Rotation of letters & numbers (Command-R on macOS or Control-R on Windows and Linux)
  • Turn the Sound off (Command-S on macOS or Control-S on Windows and Linux)
  • Refresh the screen of images (Command-R on macOS or Control-R on Windows and Linux)
  • About Help (Command-A on macOS or Control-A on Windows and Linux)
  • To quit KeyWack type Command-Q on macOS or Control-Q on Windows and Linux.

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HMS Release History

Available Now KeyWack 2.0 — 26 February 2019
[New] Now available in 64-bit (plus 32-bit on Windows and Linux)!
[New] Now available for 32-bit ARM-based Raspberry Pi 7!
[New] All objects can now be moved around!
[New] Supports Apple's Dark Mode
[New] Runs on macOS High Sierra and Mojave — no longer gives a 32-bit warning!
[New] You can set the number of object to display before a Refresh
[New] Choose you're own line of text
[New] Quitting on Windows and Linux is Control-Q
[New] Works on Linux now (tested on 64-bit Ubuntu 16, CentOS 7 and Mint Cinnamon)
[New] Returns to KeyWack if the OS moves to another application — you must Quit to exit, or display the Preferences first
[New] Works with Windows 7 SP2, 8 and 10
[New] Pictures are 2D Objects rather than pixels, so they can move between layers
[New] Aggressively compiled
[Fix] Application is now code-signed to be compatible with macOS GateKeeper
[Fix] Linux now displays the objects correctly without having to perform a full refresh
[Issues] macOS function keys and Command-Space cannot be stopped
[Issues] Rotation of objects has been removed

KeyWack 1.9 — 21 April 2014
[Fix] No longer supports Windows XP
[Fix] Pictures cleaned up more
[Fix] Sounds work more reliably
[Fix] Works better on Linux
[New] Graphics changed to GDI Plus
[New] New logo

KeyWack 1.8 — 8 Nov 2012
[Fix] Removed the Command-X quitting from the Mac version since the keys are very close and may be accidentally pressed.
[Fix] Graphical objects now can be rotated along with all the text objects.
[Fix] Many of the pictures have been cleaned up more.
[Fix] Returned the Edit menu so that the Serial Number can be easily pasted in.
[New] A new serial number system has been implemented. It will appear after 30 keystrokes or 10 minutes. Please pay on the web site or quit and relaunch the application.
[New] Compatible with MacOS X Mountain Lion.
[New] Compatible with Retina Display.
[New] The types of items displayed are now divided into sections to grow with children as they progress. The sections include: toddler, intermediate, Genius, Geek, Religious and Traveller.
[New] You can now display a randomly chosen ASCII character with its description in brackets.
[New] You can now display a randomly chosen city based in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales or the United States of America.
[New] You can now display a randomly chosen Country name.
[New] You can now display a randomly chosen dictionary word based on any of the following languages: Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish or Swedish.
[New] You can now display a randomly chosen HTML tag.
[New] You can now display a randomly chosen morse code value. When suitable displays the character pressed on the keyboard and speaks the code in dots and dashes.
[New] You can now display a randomly chosen person’s name based on the 2010 USA and UK census.
[New] You can now display a randomly chosen state (or county) based in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales or the United States of America.
[New] You can now display Old and New Testament Bible verses. Text is based on the Public Domain World English Bible version available at .
[New] You can now display simple Equations (plus, minus, times and/or divide). Pressing a digit will begin the equation with that number. You can choose whether to have the answer displayed.

KeyWack 1.7 — 18 March 2011
[New] The internet version now requires a Pro serial number to change any settings.
[New] Preferences menu shows options in a window.
[New] Now displays the Command-keys in the lower right corner
[Fix] When the Sound is turned off, now all menu choices are also silent.
[Fix] Updated the location of the HMS Help web site.

KeyWack 1.6 — 28 October 2010
[New] Macintosh version submitted to Apple’s App Store

KeyWack 1.5 — 28 October 2010
[New] Added a black background option to give a higher contrast ration to help blind kids see the images better (Command-B). Thanks to Matthew D. Mowry for this suggestion (Classroom Technology Specialist, Franklin County Board of MRDD, Tri-Rivers Educational Computer Association).
[Fix] The window background is a normal document window rather than the metal window. Seems metal is going out of fashion.
[Fix] The animal pictures have been improved so that the white sections no longer appear transparent, but properly white.

KeyWack 1.4 — 10 May 2010
[Fix] Removed Plugins error message on launch

[New] Checks for new version on HMS server.
[New] Windows now uses an installer
[Fix] Advertising window removed.
[Fix] Changed the menu key shortcuts to work better on Windows and Macintosh.
[New] Added a Google Ad.
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