What is a Utility?

Utilities are small programs designed to perform a limited function. Many can be downloaded from the web site and run a limited number of times before it requests a Serial Number. There are two ways to purchase a Utility —from the Apple App Store or from PayPal.

Apple App Store
Most utilities are available from the Apple App Store. Utilities purchased from the from the Apple App Store do not need a Serial Number. On the Utility’s web page, click the Apple App Store link like the one below to load the Apple App Store web page to purchase the application.


PayPal via Web Site
Most utilities are available to be purchased from this website via PayPal. On the Utility’s web page, click the link like the one below to purchase the application on the PayPal web site. Shortly after you have paid for the Utility you will receive an email with a Serial Name and Number to fully unlock the program. PayPal is the only way to purchase the Utility for Windows and Linux.


If you have any problems downloading, buying, installing or using the utility then please contact HMS.

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