What is TwitHaven?

TwitHaven is a private, threaded messaging system useful for sending short messages and small attachments. It removes the complexities of email by keeping the entire conversation in the one message.

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HMS Release History

Available Now TwitHaven 6.0 — 5 September 2013
[New] A message can be sent to multiple Users and multiple Groups by checking their checkboxes.

TwitHaven 5.2 — 17 September 2012
[New] Compatible with MacOS X Mountain Lion.
[New] You can now resize the message column proportions when viewing your messages.
[New] The list of messages now displays more text and appears much faster.
[Fix] Buttons no longer show a tick next to the last chosen item. This stops this option being chosen if the user presses down on a button but moves off before letting go of the mouse.

OfficeHaven 5.1 — 22 July 2011
All Modules
[New] This version has been compatibility tested to run on MacOS X Lion.
[New] The versions on the Apple App store come with one year of service. After you create your account you will be asked if you want to link your Apple App store purchase to that HMS account and increase your storage. If you want to create a free trial account then you will need to download the free App Store version (with more limited storage) or from the HMS web site instead.
[New] The Quotas window now has five tabs of data showing your login details, current and maximum usage, your Pro status and logs.
[New] Purging files is totally changed. You now have a list of your files to check on for purging.
[New] On login, you are now given a warning if you account is due to expire in less than 30 days.
[New] In the Quota window Group Managers can now see the Quota values for any of the users they manage.
[New] From the Manage>Database>Group window, Pro users can now invite other Pro users to join their Group.
[New] Backup now starts the timed backup automatically as the Backup window is opened, if the folder location was previously set.
[New] Backup now remembers the folder location where the backup was stored.
[New] Backup now lists the file name in the Transfers window and puts a delimiter between each backup in the transfer log to make reading easier.
[Fix] Where transfers fail due to reasons other than FTP, the completed transfers list now more accurately reflects the failure e.g. Incorrect password or path.
[Fix] The field headings in the Backup CSV files are now surrounded in double-quotes to help spreadsheets (e.g. OpenOffice) recognise the file as a CSV file.
[Fix] The Date and Time is now displayed between each item of a backup so you can diagnose which items consume the most time.
[Fix] The 2SMS Email address has been removed since it was never used, but sends via FTP instead. It was used in case we needed the option to send SMS messages via email to
[Fix] On login, if now checks if you have verified your email address after registering your account on the internet. Account created with invalid email addresses will therefore no longer be able to log in.
[Fix] Clicking Show All in the Database window now shows all your records rather than your Lookup value.

[New] This version has been compatibility tested to run on MacOS X Lion.
[Fix] A New Message is no longer sent to the Group when the group checkbox is unchecked.

TwitHaven 4.9 — 2 May 2011
[Fix] A recipient can now set to receive the TwitHaven message not only within TwitHaven, but also as an email and/or as an SMS.
[New] Both the SMS and the Emails sent are now queued in the Transfers window and run in the background.

All Modules
[New] When running a Backup the Project Name now appears next to the File Name so you know what Project is being backed up.
[New] The User now has their own WorkPhone and WorkMobile fields. These are used by TwitHaven to receive SMS messages, as well as acting as an internal record.
[New] The Backup now saves the files in CSV format rather than tab-delimited.
[Fix] The Quit menu has been returned to the Login window for Windows (sorry!).
[Fix] The Error window no longer appears after a Backup, unless there were errors.
[Fix] The DocHaven window no longer appears when a Backup is finished.
[Fix] The Configure menu, on Login, has been moved to the File menu.
[Fix] Old and unused fields in the User, Document and Screen tables have been removed.
[Deprecated] The HMS Solo option, while selectable via the Configure menu a login, is no longer supported.

TwitHaven 4.8 — 16 March 2011
[Fix] No longer crashes when certain messages are clicked.
[Fix] The contextual menu items on the main Client window have been moved to the Options menu.

OfficeHaven 4.7 — 13 January 2011
[New] Submitted to the Apple App Store. Awaiting Review and Approval.

TwitHaven 4.6 — 16 November 2010
[Fix] No longer gives an error when quitting from the Login screen
[Fix] No longer gives an error when viewing the Database tabs
[Fix] No longer a fatal error on Linux login

TwitHaven 4.5 — 12 November 2010
[New] The interface is now substantially revised.

TwitHaven 4.4 — 26 June 2010
[Coming soon!] Web browser access to view ScreenHaven screens, CRMHaven Clients, CashHaven payments, TwitHaven messages for iPad, iPhone or other users.
[Fix] Vastly reduced the number of network errors when working on a slow internet connection
[Fix] The Server progress window can now be shared amongst multiple threaded processes.

TwitHaven 4.3 — 18 May 2010
[Fix] Replying to a message sets the recipient to the sender rather than the recipient
[New] Double-clicking on a message replies to the message.
[New] Checks for new version on HMS server.
[Fix] Advertising window removed.
[Fix] Unicode characters now display properly in the Reply Twit.

TwitHaven 4.2 — 6 January 2010
[Fix] Drill down now only begins searching after the return key is pressed.
[Fix] The speech now mentions the number of messages rather than reads them
[New] Replies to TwitHaven messages are continued in a thread rather than a new message.

TwitHaven 3.2 — 7 May 2009
[Fix] OfficeHaven checks for new TwitHaven Alert Notifications on login and only displays TwitHaven it there are any. New TwitHaven messages will only appear if the TwitHaven window has been opened (it can then be closed).
[New] Added QuickLook window menu as Command-5
[New] Added Menu window menu as Command-0
[New] Added a slider for changing the row height for highlighted TWITHaven messages
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