We believe in the strict right to privacy. In other words, your information is your own, and you are entitled to expect others to respect it as your private property.

We do not collect any information about you, and do not use tracking software such as cookies or other technical means.

Servers automatically record IP addresses of computers connecting to them to be able to deliver pages, but none of this information is used for any tracking operation.

We strictly forbid ourselves to collect, record or otherwise process any private data belonging to our visitors without their expressed consent.

Not withstanding the above, our programs do store user data on our servers in two circumstances:
  1. once only, when a user enters a serial number into the program (this doesn't apply to App Store purchases), and
  2. when a user explicitly enters data into a program with the aim that the data will be stored on our servers (programs storing data on our servers include OfficeHaven, CashHaven, CRMHaven, DocHaven, ScreenHaven, Bulk Email and potentially others over time)
This user data is held by leading host provider on their servers based in the EU and USA. This user data is only ever accessed by a human as a result of a direct user support request with the user's knowledge. This data is backed up off-site nightly to two locations, these backups are never scanned by humans and so far have never had to be used to recover lost data.

No personally identifiable information is collected (e.g. location, contact, financial and health data) other than the data users enter into the products themselves. Passwords are stored encrypted and encoded. Where available, network data is transferred in a secure way using protocols built into MySQL, PostgreSQL and other common databases.

Where user data is secured with their chosen username and password (set by the user when creating the account), the user alone remains responsible for any access or misuse of their data should they provide their username and password to any other individual or organisation.

We do not trade, sell or give access to any user data with any individual, 3rd party, company, organisation or government.

So far to date there have been no requests by any government for any access to this data.

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