What is OfficeHaven?

OfficeHaven is a collection of five HMS modules one program. It provides an integrated set of tools to help manage your files, your clients, your money, your messaging and your screens while both in the office and remotely. If you find you need to use more than one individual HMS Cloud module, you may find it easier to launch just one application i.e. OfficeHaven.

DocHaven is a program that organises your documents into projects. It stores these projects in a virtual library on the cloud. When you need a project you log in as a user and take it out of the library. When you've finished with a project you put it away — back into the library. Plus it keeps the latest ten versions of your projects should you need to go back.

Many offices and schools have to handle internal monetary transactions, but don’t want the security risk of staff handling actual cash. CashHaven allows staff to have a quota to ‘buy’ or return goods, each time counting down their monetary quota until it is all spent.

CRMHaven lets you enter, clean and contact your clients (e.g. groups, friends or customers) data ready for shared access. Once a client record is updated, everybody sees the new information. Clients can be searched, mailed, emailed or exported at any time.

ScreenHaven shares snapshots of your desktop screen with many other users. It is designed to be a partner to a telephone conference (i.e. TeleKit) to reduce the need for travel. It takes periodic images (whole screen shots, sections or areas surrounding the mouse) and stores them on the server for use within a remote meeting. These screen shots, along with comments can be saved as a record of a meeting.

TwitHaven creates private threaded-messages (i.e. on each reply the original message is appended rather than a new message created). TwitHaven lets you choose whether your messages also go to SMS or email. Messages can be delayed, dismissed or retrieved at any time.

Trial Period
You can download and run all of the OfficeHaven modules free of charge for two months. Once the trial period is over you can purchase a subscription to continue to use your OfficeHaven account.

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HMS Release History

Available Now OfficeHaven 6.0 — 5 September 2013
[Fix] Fixed a problem where the Preferences would freeze the app on opening.
[Fix] Fixed a problem where the EmailBody and EmailHTML text would not view the returns properly.
[Fix] Many bug fixes.
[Fix] More efficient GroupUsers and GroupManagers
[Fix] No longer gives a fatal error launching on Windows 7.
[Fix] Threads no longer access the User Interface.
[New] Adding Events now works for CRMHaven, DocHaven and ScreenHaven. These can be viewed in a new Events window.
[New] Documentation in PDF and iBook format
[New] Logged in User Name is now shown on the menu window.
[New] New icon scheme for each major app and OfficeHaven itself.
[New] The server password is now fully encrypted.
[New] Within Backups, password fields are now stored as Hex characters.

OfficeHaven 5.2 — 15 Sept 2012
[New] Compatible with MacOS X Mountain Lion.
[New] Users can now get a list of their quotas and data usage on the server.
[New] Registration online is now cgi-based.
[New] Passwords on the server are now salted and encrypted.
[New] New procedures (PreparedStatements) are now used to eliminate SQL injection attacks.
[New] Linux users need to install GStreamer or Xine via Ubuntu PackageManager to get sound output.
[New] It is now possible to invite an existing user to join your group. They will need to accept the invitation before it will proceed. Group Managers can remove a Group member at any time.
[New] It is now possible for Pro users to input the details for a Local Storage server. A Local Storage server is a folder on their local computer that usually maps to a remotely synchronised server such as iCloud. The server can have a separate path for Macintosh, Windows and Linux. If the folder does not map to an external site, be aware that your documents are stored on and served from your one computer, so ensure you keep a backup elsewhere for security.
[New] It is now possible for Pro users to input the details for a Group Personal FTP server. A Personal FTP server must include the URL, username and password to an FTP server that the Group Manager operates. It is then possible to create new users who will store their DocHaven files on this FTP server. HMS is not responsible for these user-based servers.
[New] It is now possible for Pro users to create new accounts that are automatically members of their default Group.
[New] Compatible with Retina Display.
[New] Allows windows to be full screen in MacOS X Mountain Lion
[Fix] The tabs in the Database window have been reordered to be more logical.
[Fix] The order of the icons in the Menu window have been made alphabetical.
[Fix] The Log Notes field in the Quotas window now shows foreign characters properly.
[Fix] The App Store versions of DocHaven and Officehaven for the Mac now store their documents in the Library/Application Support/Holy Mackerel Software/DocHaven folder.
[Fix] Most Text fields have been changed to load faster (TEXT changed to VARCHAR).
[Fix] Many network errors have now been fixed.
[Fix] Managing the Database settings has now been moved under Preferences and is now much faster.
[Fix] Configuring the connection to the HMS server has been moved to the Preferences when at the login screen. It has also been cleaned up.
[Fix] Cancelling long processes have now been improved.
[Fix] Backup now names the backup files correctly.
[Fix] The program is now Sandboxed on MacOS X so all document storage has moved to the ~/Library/Container/ folder.
[Fix] The application is now signed for Apple’s GateKeeper so there is no warning when first launched.

OfficeHaven 5.1 — 22 July 2011
All Modules
[New] This version has been compatibility tested to run on MacOS X Lion.
[New] The versions on the Apple App store come with one year of service. After you create your account you will be asked if you want to link your Apple App store purchase to that HMS account and increase your storage. If you want to create a free trial account then you will need to download the free App Store version (with more limited storage) or from the HMS web site instead.
[New] The Quotas window now has five tabs of data showing your login details, current and maximum usage, your Pro status and logs.
[New] Purging files is totally changed. You now have a list of your files to check on for purging.
[New] On login, you are now given a warning if you account is due to expire in less than 30 days.
[New] In the Quota window Group Managers can now see the Quota values for any of the users they manage.
[New] From the Manage>Database>Group window, Pro users can now invite other Pro users to join their Group.
[New] Backup now starts the timed backup automatically as the Backup window is opened, if the folder location was previously set.
[New] Backup now remembers the folder location where the backup was stored.
[New] Backup now lists the file name in the Transfers window and puts a delimiter between each backup in the transfer log to make reading easier.
[Fix] Where transfers fail due to reasons other than FTP, the completed transfers list now more accurately reflects the failure e.g. Incorrect password or path.
[Fix] The field headings in the Backup CSV files are now surrounded in double-quotes to help spreadsheets (e.g. OpenOffice) recognise the file as a CSV file.
[Fix] The Date and Time is now displayed between each item of a backup so you can diagnose which items consume the most time.
[Fix] The 2SMS Email address has been removed since it was never used, but sends via FTP instead. It was used in case we needed the option to send SMS messages via email to
[Fix] On login, if now checks if you have verified your email address after registering your account on the internet. Account created with invalid email addresses will therefore no longer be able to log in.
[Fix] Clicking Show All in the Database window now shows all your records rather than your Lookup value.

[New] This version has been compatibility tested to run on MacOS X Lion.
[New] The current Date and Time is now displayed before each transfer.
[Fix] The number of completed transfers now updates correctly rather than waiting until you click on the list.
[Fix] Searching for a Project ID no longer gives you a MySQL syntax error in the Database window.
[Fix] On Macintosh, dragging and dropping an Import file or folder onto the app icon now runs in a thread so that it does not hinder an existing transfer.
[Fix] Now you can only export or archive Project from the users for whom you are a Group Manager.
[Fix] New Projects now have a blank Review Status rather than zero. Existing Projects will be adjusted.
[Fix] In the Export and Archive windows the words ‘KBytes’ now move correctly as the window expands.
[Fix] In the export and archive window, only the users you have Group Manager access over show up when you choose a Group.

[New] This version has been compatibility tested to run on MacOS X Lion.
[New] There is now an option to Skype the Work Phone, Work Mobile, Other Phone, Home Phone and Home Mobile numbers.
[New] There is now a clickable icon next to a Client’s Twitter name to allow you to view their Twitter messages.
[New] There is now a clickable icon next to a Client’s Skype name to allow you to send them a Skype message.
[New] There is now a clickable icon next to a Client’s MySpace name to allow you to view their MySpace page.
[New] There is now a clickable icon next to a Client’s LinkedIn name to allow you to view their LinkedIn profile.
[New] There is now a clickable icon next to a Client’s FaceBook name to allow you to view their FaceBook page.
[Fix] When viewing the Custom Fields view of another group, the headings show up correctly. Note you must have a Question header, Answers Header and at least one Custom Header set for each Group.
[Fix] When viewing a Client from someone else’s shared group the popup values now appear (rather than showing blank)
[Fix] When importing from the Apple Address Book, duplicates are now shown, but are unchecked so they won’t import.
[Fix] When adding a new Event to a Client for the first time, it no longer displays an additional blank event.
[Fix] The progress bar now shows the proportion completed when importing a file.

[New] This version has been compatibility tested to run on MacOS X Lion.
[New] You can organise with HMS for a user account(s) to be locked from making transactions. This may be useful where a student needs to view their transactions and balance, but only the teacher can make new transactions. Contact HMS with a list of accounts you want to lock this way.
[Fix] Due to an Apple App store UI requirement, the Register window is now resizeable when viewing the transaction entry screen.

[New] This version has been compatibility tested to run on MacOS X Lion.
[Fix] The screen snapshot has been changed to be compatible with MacOS X Lion. Versions previous to ScreenHaven 5.1 will record a fully black screen image.

[New] This version has been compatibility tested to run on MacOS X Lion.
[Fix] A New Message is no longer sent to the Group when the group checkbox is unchecked.

OfficeHaven 4.9 — 2 May 2011
All Modules
[New] When running a Backup the Project Name now appears next to the File Name so you know what Project is being backed up.
[New] The User now has their own WorkPhone and WorkMobile fields. These are used by TwitHaven to receive SMS messages, as well as acting as an internal record.
[New] The Backup now saves the files in CSV format rather than tab-delimited.
[Fix] The Quit menu has been returned to the Login window for Windows (sorry!).
[Fix] The Error window no longer appears after a Backup, unless there were errors.
[Fix] The DocHaven window no longer appears when a Backup is finished.
[Fix] The Configure menu, on Login, has been moved to the File menu.
[Fix] Old and unused fields in the User, Document and Screen tables have been removed.
[Deprecated] The HMS Solo option, while selectable via the Configure menu a login, is no longer supported.

[Fix] When the disclosure triangle is clicked on the Transfers window, the log text is now scrolled to the top of the list.
[Fix] The Server option on the Documents list now properly shows Project names containing foreign characters.
[Fix] The Purge menu now properly shows Project names containing foreign characters.
[Fix] The Max Project Size now works properly.
[Fix] It now checks to see if the current compressed file size plus the total size of the files on the server exceeds the limit.
[Fix] Clicking the display triangle on the Transfers window now scrolls the log contents to the top of the list.

[Note] The feature has been tested more fully internationally. It needs port 21 accessible to FTP the text file to The resultant SMS text files are dated and stored in your documents folder for later reference.
[New] You now have the option to use the WorkPhone to receive an SMS if the WorkMobile field is blank.
[New] You can now choose a Country telephone code for the SMS prefix. If the phone extension begins with a zero it will remove this zero and add the country code prefix. US phone numbers do not need a prefix. For example to send an SMS to a UK phone number 07907 123456, check the box and choose ’44 (United Kingdom’. The SMS will be sent to phone number 447907 123456. Please note you will need an account with to operate this feature.
[Fix] Stops errant Clients appearing after performing a SpotFind then editing a Client
[Fix] Sending SMS messages now truncates messages over 160 characters rather than 140 characters.
[Fix] If there is no WorkMobile or WorkPhone then sending an SMS will show you an error.

[New] If there is a problem sending the image to the server it now tells you the drop in image quality or the drop in resolution in the error message.
[Fix] Now downloads the latest screens to the local database even if only publishing.

[Fix] A recipient can now set to receive the TwitHaven message not only within TwitHaven, but also as an email and/or as an SMS.
[New] Both the SMS and the Emails sent are now queued in the Transfers window and run in the background.

OfficeHaven 4.8 — 16 March 2011
[New] There is now a Register button on the login screen to allow New Users to create their own Cloud account.
[New] Intel Macintosh version now available on Apple’s App Store
[Fix] When holding the option-key on startup, the username field is now selected.
[Fix] User graphics icons are now resized correctly.
[Fix] The temporary folder will now be emptied upon quitting.
[Fix] The Find menu now opens the Find option on the frontmost window rather than always asking to Find a Project.
[Fix] Preferences and temporary files are now saved in the Library/Application Support folder on Macintosh.
[Fix] No longer gives the error of missing framework upon submission to the App Store.
[Fix] Creating an account on the web now sets the User's Hidden to true so their name doesn't appear on the login popup
[Fix] Cancelling an FTP transfer now works properly and no longer gives network errors.
[Fix] Backup now has the option to backup all your DocHaven, CRMHaven, TwitHaven, CashHaven and ScreenHaven data. For security, passwords are not included.

OfficeHaven 4.7 — 13 January 2011
[New] Submitted to the Apple App Store. Awaiting Review and Approval.

OfficeHaven 4.6 — 16 November 2010
[Fix] No longer gives an error when quitting from the Login screen
[Fix] No longer gives an error when viewing the Database tabs
[Fix] No longer a fatal error on Linux login

OfficeHaven 4.5 — 12 November 2010
[New] There is now a new "Time Remaining: " field for transfers."
[Fix] All ‘Please Wait’ progress windows now close properly when they have finished.
[Fix] Window load faster as database access now uses RecordSets rather than DataSets
[Fix] DocHaven window no longer appears along with the Main Menu when logging into OfficeHaven in Windows.
[Fix] Moved CleanHaven, Minute Timer and KeyWack to the main window on web site
[Fix] Moved to a new plugin for FTPing files
[Fix] Moved to a new plugin for reading CSV files. This routine is more reliable in Windows.
[Fix] New Client, Project, Message windows now only create a new record when submitted.
[Fix] Removes many memory leaks in Windows versions of the applications.
[Fix] There are now new User fields for Email in addition to the SMS ones
[Fix] When changing Database settings as Admin the Update button is no longer greyed at times when it should be available.
[Fix] When editing a Group there must always be one User as a Group Manager
[New] Holding down the Option-Key on Macintosh or Control-Key on Windows/Linux on launch will cause the Login screen to not auto-login, allowing you to change the username and password.
[New] There is now an option to turn off Logging

OfficeHaven 4.4 — 26 June 2010
[Coming soon!] Web browser access to view ScreenHaven screens, CRMHaven Clients, CashHaven payments, TwitHaven messages for iPad, iPhone or other users.
[Fix] Vastly reduced the number of network errors when working on a slow internet connection
[Fix] The Server progress window can now be shared amongst multiple threaded processes.

OfficeHaven 4.3 — 18 May 2010
[New] Backup now supports Incremental Backups to the one folder saving a lot of time.
[New] Backup now supports User folders
[New] Login allows for auto-login
[Fix] All threads can continue while the MySQL server is being accessed
[Fix] Running multiple MySQL threads at once no longer causes a potential conflict.

OfficeHaven 4.2 — 6 January 2010
[New] You can now add a User or Client photo with the QuickTime iSight camera. Hold a photo in front of the camera for a non-live image.
[New] User accounts can have an Expiry date after which they can no longer log in
[New] Searching allows ‘Is Blank’, ‘Is Not Blank’, ‘Doesn’t Contain’
[New] Officially supports all modules in Ubuntu 9.10 Linux in Solo mode (Shared and Cloud coming soon)
[New] Each Group now can have its own item descriptions.
[New] Added new ScreenHaven icon to Main menu
[New] Add Total Documents, Clients, Messages to windows
[Fix] When launching Backup the Transfers screen no longer opens
[Fix] the Menu window now disappears after a module if launched.
[Fix] The Export and Archive functions are now run as Threads
[Fix] Closing the last window when in Windows now reopens the default window rather than logs out.

OfficeHaven 3.3 — 14 June 2009
[New] Each of the four modules is now available as a totally independent application.
[Fix] At login screen the Preferences menu is now greyed
[Fix] Database option has been moved to the Windows menu
[New] There is a new Menu option under the Window menu
[New] The Help menu now is more context sensitive when jumping to the HMS web site
[New] When the last window is closed under Windows or Linux a log occurs
[New] An ‘Open’ button in the Configure Sharing window allows a Preference file to be chosen.
[Deprecated] Drag and drop of a Preferences file on to the application no longer sets the preferences. You must use the Open button instead.

OfficeHaven 3.2 — 7 May 2009
[New] Program now opens to a menu showing the four Office Haven modules.
[New] Everywhere that a Client needs to be entered it no longer lists every Client in a popup (slow with 100+K Clients!), but instead shows the default and offers a search for window for changing others.
[Fix] The Database Administration window is now much faster as it only populates its data when a tab is clicked and doesn’t show every Client
[Fix] The separator divisions in pop-up bars now appear correctly in Windows
[Fix] TreeView & Reports are now disabled when logging in offline.
[Fix] CRMHaven, CashHaven and TwitHaven are now disabled when logging in offline. DocHaven can still view the projects taken out and zip/unzip documents.
[Fix] The Office Haven Login window would check that the server was available twice. Now it is once.
[New] Add Default User, Client, Group to Quotas window
[New] Almost all windows can be closed by pressing the Esc key. In many cases this only hides the window and the existing settings remain there.
[New] Add a Log of the latest user activity has been added to the Quotas window
[New] Each module now includes a large graphic so it is clear which module you are now working in
[New] On Backup, a dump of all available Clients is also exported.
[Fix] The popup of Client Keywords no longer doubles in size each time the tab is clicked.
[Fix] The normal menubar now appears on most windows for Windows so that the shortcut keys can be used anywhere
[Fix] Most sheet windows have been changed to movable modal windows so they can be resized if needed.
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