What is DocHaven?

DocHaven is a cloud-based library for your documents. Your documents are permanently backed up. You take them out of the cloud as you need them then put them back into the cloud when you have finished with them. Once a project is back in the cloud it can be taken out by others in your group.

DocHaven meets the 3-2-1 rule for data Backups:
Your files are in three places 1. your DocHaven folder on your computer 2. the HMS cloud and 3. your HMS cloud backup. At least three copies, at least two different media and at least one of the copies is offsite. Plus DocHaven also gives you extra assurance with multiple versions on the cloud and in your backups.

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HMS Release History

Now approved and available on the Apple App Store.

Available Now DocHaven 6.0 — 5 September 2013
[Fix] The Find button on the bottom right of the window now works.
[Fix] Cancelling a current transfer now works properly.
[Fix] If the current transfer fails mid-transfer it is now set as a fail properly.
[New] Zipping updated to v3.3.3 fixing a potential Windows and Linux error

DocHaven 5.2 — 17 September 2012
[New] Compatible with MacOS X Mountain Lion.
[New] You can now display a list of all Projects you have access to, not just those that are out on your desktop. Projects show blue if they are out on your computer, red if they are out on another computer and yellow if they are available on the server. Even if the Project is not out on your computer you can see a list of the document names, but you cannot open the documents until you take the project out.
[New] You can now create a new Blank or Template Project from the Options menu.
[New] The Documents window now only shows the Projects you have access to and no longer shows other Projects in the DocHaven folder belonging to others.
[New] Most menu functions have now been placed inside the Actions and Options buttons. Actions work on only the highlighted documents.
[Fix] When exporting each transfer is now treated as a separate job allowing accidental exports to be removed before they begin and the total files progress bar is a truer reflection of the transfer.
[Fix] The Zip files created are now more compatible with the unzipping on MacOS X.
[Fix] The display of Mac Creator and Type codes has been removed from the Get Info and Preferences windows since certain codes were causing problems. They are still stored when projects are put away, but have been deprecated by Apple. It is recommended you search for Extensions or Kinds instead.
[Fix] Reveal in Finder now highlights the file itself, not just opens the folder.
[Fix] Reports have been removed. If you need this functionality, open the Backup CSV files in a spreadsheet.
[Fix] Renaming a file or folder now presents an editable text field rather than a blank edit box.
[Fix] Fixed the bug where sometimes the transferred file name appeared blank in the Transfers window.
[Fix] Displays a default icon for Linux documents in the QuickLook window (doc, xls, pdf, txt, html from MacOS)
[Fix] Displays a default icon for Linux documents in the Documents window (doc, xls, pdf, txt, html from MacOS)
[Fix] Buttons no longer show a tick next to the last chosen item. This stops this option being chosen if the user presses down on a button but moves off before letting go of the mouse.
[Fix] The program is now Sandboxed on MacOS X so all document storage has moved to the ~/Library/Container/ folder.
[Fix] The application is now signed for Apple’s GateKeeper so there is no warning when first launched.

DocHaven 5.1 — 22 July 2011
All Modules
[New] This version has been compatibility tested to run on MacOS X Lion.
[New] The versions on the Apple App store come with one year of service. After you create your account you will be asked if you want to link your Apple App store purchase to that HMS account and increase your storage. If you want to create a free trial account then you will need to download the free App Store version (with more limited storage) or from the HMS web site instead.
[New] The Quotas window now has five tabs of data showing your login details, current and maximum usage, your Pro status and logs.
[New] Purging files is totally changed. You now have a list of your files to check on for purging.
[New] On login, you are now given a warning if you account is due to expire in less than 30 days.
[New] In the Quota window Group Managers can now see the Quota values for any of the users they manage.
[New] From the Manage>Database>Group window, Pro users can now invite other Pro users to join their Group.
[New] Backup now starts the timed backup automatically as the Backup window is opened, if the folder location was previously set.
[New] Backup now remembers the folder location where the backup was stored.
[New] Backup now lists the file name in the Transfers window and puts a delimiter between each backup in the transfer log to make reading easier.
[Fix] Where transfers fail due to reasons other than FTP, the completed transfers list now more accurately reflects the failure e.g. Incorrect password or path.
[Fix] The field headings in the Backup CSV files are now surrounded in double-quotes to help spreadsheets (e.g. OpenOffice) recognise the file as a CSV file.
[Fix] The Date and Time is now displayed between each item of a backup so you can diagnose which items consume the most time.
[Fix] The 2SMS Email address has been removed since it was never used, but sends via FTP instead. It was used in case we needed the option to send SMS messages via email to
[Fix] On login, if now checks if you have verified your email address after registering your account on the internet. Account created with invalid email addresses will therefore no longer be able to log in.
[Fix] Clicking Show All in the Database window now shows all your records rather than your Lookup value.

[New] This version has been compatibility tested to run on MacOS X Lion.
[New] The current Date and Time is now displayed before each transfer.
[Fix] The number of completed transfers now updates correctly rather than waiting until you click on the list.
[Fix] Searching for a Project ID no longer gives you a MySQL syntax error in the Database window.
[Fix] On Macintosh, dragging and dropping an Import file or folder onto the app icon now runs in a thread so that it does not hinder an existing transfer.
[Fix] Now you can only export or archive Project from the users for whom you are a Group Manager.
[Fix] New Projects now have a blank Review Status rather than zero. Existing Projects will be adjusted.
[Fix] In the Export and Archive windows the words ‘KBytes’ now move correctly as the window expands.
[Fix] In the export and archive window, only the users you have Group Manager access over show up when you choose a Group.

DocHaven 4.9 — 2 May 2011
[Fix] When the disclosure triangle is clicked on the Transfers window, the log text is now scrolled to the top of the list.
[Fix] The Server option on the Documents list now properly shows Project names containing foreign characters.
[Fix] The Purge menu now properly shows Project names containing foreign characters.
[Fix] The Max Project Size now works properly.
[Fix] It now checks to see if the current compressed file size plus the total size of the files on the server exceeds the limit.
[Fix] Clicking the display triangle on the Transfers window now scrolls the log contents to the top of the list.

All Modules
[New] When running a Backup the Project Name now appears next to the File Name so you know what Project is being backed up.
[New] The User now has their own WorkPhone and WorkMobile fields. These are used by TwitHaven to receive SMS messages, as well as acting as an internal record.
[New] The Backup now saves the files in CSV format rather than tab-delimited.
[Fix] The Quit menu has been returned to the Login window for Windows (sorry!).
[Fix] The Error window no longer appears after a Backup, unless there were errors.
[Fix] The DocHaven window no longer appears when a Backup is finished.
[Fix] The Configure menu, on Login, has been moved to the File menu.
[Fix] Old and unused fields in the User, Document and Screen tables have been removed.
[Deprecated] The HMS Solo option, while selectable via the Configure menu a login, is no longer supported.

DocHaven 4.8 — 16 March 2011
[Fix] You can now purge Projects that have never been put away. It attempts to delete a version 1 Project, in case there was a file remnant cancelled while being transferred.
[Fix] When you purge All My Projects it now purges Projects that were only partially saved to the server and have version as ‘0 - 0’.
[Fix] When someone else on your computer Boomerangs a Project for you (they must share the Project’s group, be logged in as them on your computer), it no longer has to be put away by them.
[Fix] Updating values via the Get Info window now accepts foreign characters.
[Fix] Transfer now tries to complete a Boomerang or Put Away even if there is an open document in the Project - previously it would stop the action.
[Fix] The New Smart feature has been removed since aliases can now be included inside a Project and they remain as aliases rather than being resolved.
[Fix] Revised the Zip and Unzip routines to be faster, simpler and handle foreign file names better. The number of files in each Project is still limited to 65535 and 4 Gigabytes in size! If you need more than this, or use Macintosh Classic Resource Forks, you will need to Zip compress these items before putting the Project away.
[Fix] Revert on Linux no longer leaves the Project in the DocHaven folder.
[Fix] No longer displays the Project Name in Transfers window where the user is not the owner or group member.
[Fix] Keywords can now accept accented and foreign characters.
[Fix] Foreign Project Names now appear with their correct encoding in the New and Get Info windows.
[Fix] Exporting and Archiving All Versions of a Project now works - it no longer exports just the latest version.
[Fix] Delete on Linux no longer leaves the Project in the DocHaven folder.
[Fix] Copy Out on Linux no longer gives an empty Project.
[Fix] Changed some references to ProjectID from DocumentID.

DocHaven 4.7 — 13 January 2011
[New] Submitted to the Apple App Store. Awaiting Review and Approval.

DocHaven 4.6 — 16 November 2010
[Fix] No longer gives an error when quitting from the Login screen
[Fix] No longer gives an error when viewing the Database tabs
[Fix] No longer a fatal error on Linux login

DocHaven 4.5 — 12 November 2010
[Fix] If there was a problem with FTP Archiving the latest version, the Project is no longer deleted and archived.
[Fix] The Transfers window now shows the progress wheel next to the progress bar.
[Fix] Transfers window now shows up properly in Windows.
[Fix] Typing text into the SpotFind is no longer slow.
[Fix} GetInfo window no longer loads at login, but uses ‘if WinGetInfo = nil’
[New] Created new YouTube tutorials of all DocHaven functions on the web server.
[New] The time remaining is now displayed below the Transfer window’s progress bar.
[New] There is now a Clear button for the Transfers window FTP log information.

DocHaven 4.4 — 26 June 2010
[Coming soon!] Web browser access to view ScreenHaven screens, CRMHaven Clients, CashHaven payments, TwitHaven messages for iPad, iPhone or other users.
[Fix] Vastly reduced the number of network errors when working on a slow internet connection
[Fix] The Server progress window can now be shared amongst multiple threaded processes.
[Fix] Right-clicking on the Documents window now displays the choices with the ellipses properly.
[Fix] Resizing the Inspector window resizes most elements displayed.

DocHaven 4.3 — 18 May 2010
[Fix] Estimated time remaining for transfers is now much more accurate
[Fix] Pressing the space bar now closes the QuickView window as well as opens it
[Fix] Putting away an empty project no longer produces an error when taken out.
[Fix] SpotFind now finds Projects where you are the Owner but not a Group member of a Project.
[New] Checks for new version on HMS server.
[Fix] Advertising window removed.

DocHaven 4.2 — 6 January 2010
[New] You can now zip a file.
[New] Windows and Linux are now able to view file icons in the QuickLook window
[New] Transfers window now shows the duration and estimated completion time of the current transfer.
[New] Searching for text fields now allows greater than and less than for text comparisons
[New] Each Group now has a designated Administrator (DocHaven: change Export/Archive UserID, Backup all Group Projects, Purge Everyone, Purge one user, Database: set Max No. Projects, set Max size per Project, set No. Versions, set Cash, add Users to GroupAdmin, change Group Descriptions, delete Keywords, delete Logs, delete Notify, delete Messages, CashHaven: give Returns, CRMHaven: delete Clients, import > 1000 clients, send, Edit Group details)
[New] Clicking the arrow in the Transfers window now opens the window full screen.
[New] Added a View option to the Find menu to allow users to export a Project without having to take it out then put it away. It works even if the current Project is out.
[New] A warning is given if the DocHaven server folder in the Documents folder is having to be created i.e. The project is not being put on an FTP server.
[Fix] Workstation info now wraps properly in Get Info window
[Fix] The Backup window no longer closes once a Backup has begun, allowing continuous nightly backups to run unattended.
[Fix] Take Out no longer appears twice in Notifications window
[Fix] Synchronise no longer gives an error on some My Documents accounts.
[Fix] Set the Database User SMS to email for messaging.
[Fix] Recent Projects no longer shows Projects with versions ‘0 - 0’
[Fix] Put Away now appears in Notifications window
[Fix] Previous version no longer shows Projects with versions ‘0 - 0’
[Fix] Now checks to see if the Project was copied properly to the ‘My Documents’ server folder on PutAway.
[Fix] New Projects now have the Default Owner ID as the Owner rather than the logged in User ID
[Fix] Drill down and SpotFind now only begin searching after the return key is pressed.
[Fix] Clicking the triangle in the Documents window now expands to the full window width.
[Fix] Checks for Project to put away more accurately
[Fix] Backup now backs up all CRMHaven clients the logged in User has access to: the Super Administrator backs up every project/client, the Group Manager backs up the projects/clients they manage and a normal User backs up only their own projects/clients.

DocHaven 3.3 — 14 June 2009
[Fix] Performing a Backup now saves the CRMHaven data as tab-delimited (rather than Excel) to support more than 65,535 Clients
[Fix] The Transfers window is now shorter to support smaller screens
[New] The main DocHaven window can now be closed
[Fix] Drag and drop importing of Projects works again.
[Fix] The Errors window now appears correctly.
[Fix] Budget and forecast costs can now be entered.

DocHaven 3.2 — 7 May 2009
[Fix] There was a crash on some old PCs after taking a Project with resource forks out
[New] Adding a User photo now resizes the photo if different from 50 x 50 pixels (it used to crop the photo’s display)
[Fix] On Windows sometimes a Project doesn’t delete after Put Away if the folder is open, so now checks and warns the user
[New] Set up ‘Tree Explorer’ to show On-line (vs Taken Out) Projects
[Known issue] Linux cannot unzip a file that has Macintosh resource forks
[Fix] Find now both closes and clears after ‘Take Out’
[Fix] The Transfers window was too tall for short screens in Windows and the resize handle below the screen bottom.
[New] Right-click TreeView for Edit Project Name…
[New] Right-click TreeView for Open…
[New] Right-click TreeView for Send Message to Owner…
[New] Right-click TreeView for Send Email to Owner…
[New] Right-click TreeView for Send Email to Client…
[New] Right-click TreeView for Go to Client Web Site…
[New] Right-click TreeView for Font Size…
[New] The DocHaven window can now be closed to return to the OfficeHaven menu.
[Fix] After copying a project to My Documents, it now checks that the file exists, in case the copy has failed, and gives an error if there was a problem.
[Fix] The Reveal icon in the toolbar is no longer hidden after viewing server projects
[New] The Progress and Transfer windows have been merged into one window.
[Fix] If the total quota was exceeded during a Put Away the project is no longer deleted.

DocHaven 3.1 — 8 January 2009
There is now a new CRMHaven Action to 'Send eMail' in bulk to your default email client – rather than directly from CRMHaven. The email now includes a message subject as well as the recipients.
Transfers window is now operational – this allows multiple transfers to queue and run after one another. Items can be removed or reordered in the queue. No more messages asking you to wait for the current transfer to complete.
CRMHaven now can import contacts from the built-in Apple Address Book.
Right-click any file or folder within a Project to "Duplicate in sequence" allowing file versioning within DocHaven's Project versioning.
Linux support has been more thoroughly tested so it is now a recommended solution. Note: there is still no photo support and there may be a problem with moving deleted files once a project is put away.
Icons now show as full 32-bit icons.
Just in case it was not obvious – in CRMHaven double-clicking a Client opens the edit window!
New v3.0 screenshots on web site.
CRMHaven now Exports only marked clients to Excel rather than all.
There was a problem with 'Purge All' not working when the range is larger than what is on server.
Put Away would not remove the desktop Project if the FTP server was missing an old version. This has been fixed.
Take Out from My Documents didn't give a message if the zip file was missing. This has been fixed.
Documents right-click: 'Send message to Owner' now working.
Documents right-click: 'Send email to Owner' now working.
Documents right-click: 'Send email to Client' now working.
Documents right-click: 'Go to Client website' now working.
Export and Archive searching by size limits was incorrectly based on bytes rather than kilobytes. This has been fixed.
When the DocHaven application is brought to front, files and folders no longer in existence are removed from view.
The FTP Progress text now wraps and shows the total number of completed and waiting projects.
TwitHaven now checks for new messages more frequently, but increases the time interval between checking when there are no messages.
Pressing the left arrow on any file or folder closes itself or the enclosing folder.
Searching the SQL server has been optimised with large searches since only the needed fields are now returned.
The QuickLook window can now be resized and the content image will also be resized dynamically.
The Administrator can now purge just one user's Projects.
Dragging any Finder item onto the QuickLook window shows the QuickLook image for that object e.g. files, drives.
The Mouse pointer turns into hand when over a photo to show Windows users where to click when changing a user or client photo.
If multiple items are selected when Print icon is clicked all items are now printed, not just the first in the list.
Backup gave an error when trying to backup projects that had not even once been put away on the server. This has been fixed.
Backup used to ignore Projects stored in a user's local server stored in the 'My Documents' folder. Now it tries to back these up too.
Macintosh Package documents (e.g. Pages and Numbers) are described correctly in the Kind lists and not as folders. Folders with periods in the name are no longer treated like packages.
Typing the first letter of a document now jumps to it in the list, or subsequent documents starting with the same letter.
The 'Folder' descriptor has been replaced with the number of items enclosed (note this includes invisible files).
Macintosh file types are now much more accurate at describing package file types
Using QuickLook (pressing space) on systems older than MacOS X 10.5 would cause a crash. This has been fixed.
User photos added were defaulting to the smiley face. This has been fixed.
Fixed bug where older Windows PCs would quit upon FTPing.
Known issue: Old versions of Uncompressed projects with many internal folders are sometimes not fully purged from the FTP server. This is being investigated.
Known issue: An error message appears on Mac regarding a plugin registration. This will be fixed.
Known issue: Storing Word file documents with very long file names sometimes causes a problem in the zip and unzipping process. This is being investigated - in the mean time please don’t make them huge!

DocHaven 3.0.2 — 5 November 2008
QuickLook support on Mac – press space to open QuickLook window, space to close. Resize window for a larger image. Drag and drop files, folders and disks from the Finder onto the window to display their QuickLook information.
Copying Out a Project now pre-fixes “Copy of ” before the project name.
When putting a project away, quotas are now based on the project owner not the logged in user — essential for shared projects.
If a project is already out and you go to take it out, DocHaven gives you the normal warning message but now offers to send the last take out user a TwitHaven message asking them to put it back.
On login, the last logged in username appears by default making only the password entry necessary.
The Inspector fields are now editable even if the logged in user is not the project’s owner, but is in the project’s group. Only the owner can change the project’s group.
If connection to the SQL server is lost, the user is still given an error message but is no longer logged out.
Some Windows XP PCs crash on any FTP access without warning, yet most don’t. It might be a firewall issue, but the matter is being investigated. If you notice this, please contact HMS.
On login, Windows users are set to maximise the Documents window inside the application window. Also the Login window is now fully visible and centred.
Added the option to check for and merge existing contact details upon adding new clients with Import Template. Latest values supersede the previous values which are stored in the Notes field.
Removing all text in Drill Down and SpotFind now re-performs the last search.

DocHaven 3.0.11 October 2008
Fixed crash in some Windows PCs on login.
Dramatic speed up viewing of DocHaven Documents window under Windows. The red outline for open files has been disabled.
Fixed TwitHaven messages sometimes going to UserID zero
Added Added Merge to Word, Export renames Save As… in CRMHaven
The ‘Search’ option has been renamed to ‘Drill Down’ to save confusion with search and reflect its reducing nature.
Buttons for Mark, unMark, Quick and UnQuick added for fast access in CRMHaven.
Refresh button added in CRMHaven, and removed from action menu.
Some of the Set… actions were not appearing correctly in CRMHaven. This has been fixed.
Editing a single CRM cell now saves only that field back to the server.
The CRM photo field has been remove from the Show All fields option. A box appears around the photo so it is easier to see under Windows.
The last set of CRM fields set for display is remembered between logins on the same computer.

DocHaven 3.0 — 23 September 2008
Merge Clients with Microsoft Word. Export contacts to Excel.
Upgraded Review Status (flexible terminology for each project's completion status e.g. Prince2 or any other PM system), % Completion, Priorities, Milestones, Expenses, Resources, Project history
Text-to-Speech support
Server Backups
Enhanced Groups support
Budgets for Projects (Budget vs Actual Costs, Budget vs Actual Times)
TwitHaven - a Twitter-like messaging
CashHaven - a cashless cash register
CRMHaven - a CRM client management system
Client Billing
Easier entry of notes and keywords
Support for SFTP (Secure FTP) transfers.
Hidden Projects, Users, Groups, Clients, Servers, etc
Capacity tested with over 25,000 different contacts and functioned normally (importing is slow with merging on)
Cloud-based storage, and much more...

DocHaven 2.0.5 — 3 May 2008
The web address for HMS under the Help menu was not correct. This has been fixed.
Under Leopard an error message occured under Put Away, Delete and Revert when an error had not occurred. This has been fixed.
Sometimes when configured as DocHaven Server the MySQL database would not connect properly (the login is still username 'Demo' with password 'demo'). This has been fixed.

DocHaven 2.0.4 — 4 February 2008
Sometimes windows would not close properly when Close was chosen from the File menu or when the close box was clicked. This has been fixed. Note that the Documents window cannot be closed.
Sometimes the Notify window would appear on login with a blank entry and give an SQL error on clicking accept. This has been fixed.
Sometimes an error message would appear saying there had been trouble deleting the Project after putting away. This has been fixed.
Sometimes the 'Update' function to add the default data into MySQL (esp. the default preferences) would not complete. This has been fixed.
Changed message on first run that DocHaven will run in Demo mode for 10 minutes if no serial number is entered i.e. you can run DocHaven without a serial number.

DocHaven 2.0.3 — 9 November 2007
This version should be completely compatible with DocHaven 2.0 through 2.0.2. It is free to registered users
New features
The progress bar now shows the progress of the Zip compression. This is most useful for large projects.
The Get Info window now allows the logged in user to temporarily set the number of records returned from the server. This affects the result of Find and Manage Database searches. This is reset automatically next login.
The following extensions have been added (and result in file kinds being recorded and searchable when projects are put away): Print file (.prn), Microsoft Word Backup (.wbk), Windows Scrap Object (.shs), Temporary file (.tmp), Microsoft Office 2007/8 (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx), iWork Spreadsheet (.numbers).
There is now a ‘Smart’ button on the New window and a ‘New’ button on New Smart window on Macintoshes (given sufficient privilege).
When DocHaven is returned as the front-most application, any files that have been deleted or renamed (such as in the Finder) are removed from the list. New files are not added. Enclosed folders will need to be closed and reopened to see these files.
When Put Away, Boomerang or Syncronise cannot continue because a file is still open, the name of the open file(s) are listed in the error window.
The Macintosh Finder’s attribute files named ‘.DS_Store’ are no longer displayed or compressed
The Error window is now able to be revealed under the Window menu.
On Put Away and Boomerang, the project attributes of filenames, extensions, file kinds, types and creators are sorted alphabetically. This assists finding items in the Get Info and Manage Database windows.
To make DocHaven more appealing visually, curly single quotes have replaced the plain single quotes.
Purging old projects now always lists the project versions being purged or that the project doesn’t qualify for purging.
Metal windows have been changed to plain windows to better suit Leopard.
New 'SpotFind' technology lets you find any documents by name, notes, keywords, file names, etc. by typing in a single line of text.
Windows revised to be more logical and clearer in layout
Spoken notification at the end of common functions
Removed shadows from toolbar icons
Bug Fixes
Clicking the ‘Open’ toolbar item when a package document (e.g. iLife, iWork) revealed their enclosed items instead of the document itself. This has been fixed.
Double-clicking on a package document (e.g. iLife, iWork) would not launch it, but opens the package contents. This has been fixed.
When highlighting a package document (e.g. iLife, iWork), the Print icon in the toolbar would remain greyed. This has been fixed.
When a document is chosen then the enclosing folder is closed, the Documents window no longer has any item selected. If the Get Info is opened the program would crash. This has been fixed.
When Revert or Delete placed an unwanted project into the trash and an item in the trash had the same name, an error message would result. Now the project is renamed with the date and time so the error should no longer appear.
The Errors window is now a floating window and no longer displays the wrong menu if it appears before login.
An empty project would have the temporary file ‘DH_Text’ after a Boomerang. This has been fixed.
When multiple projects were set to put away, but one gave the error that it was ‘not registered as taken out’ it was not revealed which was the faulty project. This has been fixed.
Default privileges for ‘New Smart’, ‘Web content’ &’Compress’ might not be set correctly. Administrators may need to set their correct values in Preferences then click ‘Update’. This has been fixed.
In ‘Find’ and Manage Database, searches looking for text containing a single quotes an SQL error would result. This has been fixed.
Purging old projects used to set the oldest document to the maximum version number, even if that version didn’t exist. This has been fixed.
Purging ‘My Projects’ doesn’t mark missing projects as Deleted when they are versions ‘0 - 0’ even though it shows they are marked as deleted in FTP Progress. This has been fixed.
Purging used to set the lowest version available too low if purged more or less than the maximum versions. This has been fixed.
The Documents window was able to be resized far too small such that it obscured the title bar buttons. This has been fixed.

DocHaven 2.0.2 — 1 June 2007
Displays the Splash screen on startup
Fixed crashing bug in ‘Add to library’ when importing documents as individual projects.
New option in Export/Archive to select files modified on/after a specified date, plus templates.
No longer shows the MacOS X invisible file “.DS_Store” in folder listings
Imports individual files (or folders) by drag & dropping on the logged-in application icon in the Dock. Import starts automatically using default settings.
Pressing Esc now hides the FTP Progress window
Hide button is now default (not Cancel) in the FTP Progress window
Now warns if unable to delete a folder (needed for offline Windows sync’ed folders, or where Windows has a folder window open)
If an open document is busy during Put Away or Sync, the error now appears in the Error window, not modal window. This stops Sync from annoying the user too much.
Now greys the Preferences menu at Login
Fixed a bug where the ‘Previous’ window was not updating after reopening when closed with the Cancel button (red close button worked).
Fixed a bug where the ‘Previous’ window did not have any data (or the right data) on opening in the version number field.
Add file descriptions for .dbx (Access) and .eml (Outlook).

DocHaven 2.0.1 — 11 May 2007
'DocHaven' and DocHaven Solo's 'DocHaven Server' folder locations can be changed from the default (this is needed when 'My Documents' folder is synchronised with Exchange and run offline)
Smart Projects can now backup the Documents folder
Exporting from DocHaven(Win) no longer stops if an FTP server is unavailable, files/folders are missing or network goes down
Multiple FTP transfers are shown divided in Progress window
Graphical progress of FTP transfers over 65 M now shows correctly
Smart Projects can now choose the Home and Documents folder (no longer backups up files twice or infinite loop)
Smart Project are now owned by the user who created them.
Synchronise Project can now be exported or archived,and are 'found' in the Find window ready to be copied out
Known Issues:
Uncompressed Projects are not yet fully supported. They work for 'Web Content' projects where the uncompressed contents are sent to an FTP server, but if the 'Compressed' checkbox of a project is turned on an error will occur when retrieving or purging a project. This will be fixed in a later release.
When adding to library, currently there is an error when 'Import as individual projects' is chosen. This will be fixed in a later release.
Sometimes the toolbar icons disappear from the Documents window for no apparent reason. The solution is to click the white button in the top right corner of the window to hide then reveal the toolbar. This is being investigated.

DocHaven 2.0.0 — 1 May 2007
Universal Binary
Smart Projects with aliases
Available for MacOS X, Windows & Linux
DocHaven Solo for non-networked use
Publish Projects to FTP sites automatically
Blank Projects
Boomerang a Project
Unarchive of Projects
Zip and Unzip any file or folder
Zero-configure setup (DocHaven Solo)
All manuals and help are now on-line

DocHaven 1.0.8— 21 November 2006
Macintosh projects taken out by Windows clients (and reverse) now work much better – Macintosh files without resource forks no longer include MacBinary data in the zipped file
The separator line in the Import window showed angular under Windows – this has been fixed.
Choosing Command-2, 3 or 4 no longer toggles showing or hiding their windows, but only shows them – close them with Command-W.
More file extensions have been added and recognised. Existing definitions with multiple alternatives (e.g. .tif and .tiff) have been improved.
The Get Info window now remains at a fixed maximum height to stop the odd resizing behaviour when the Documents window was stretched.
When creating multiple New projects the Total Projects indicator showed one ahead of itself – this has been fixed.
The ‘Put Away’ tool bar icon no longer shows greyed if the DocHaven folder is highlighted and at least one other file/folder is also highlighted.
The horizontal scrolling has been removed from the Documents window since it was redundant and to give a larger viewable area.
Opening tabs in the Database window now jumps to the final record in the set, not the first – this allows a faster creation of new accounts.
The Windows version now checks for the application version number.
Scrolling down for Zipping and Unzipping now works in the FTP Progress window.
Closing the Add to Library (Import) window no longer closes the FTP Progress window.
Upon quitting with Projects still out now gives three choices (Yes, No and Cancel) whether to Put Away the projects.
Creating a Synchronise Project for a User did not set the FTP server information correctly and so failed unless the Project was viewed and updated – this has been fixed.
The install Guide now shows how to set up the MySQL database via the graphical MySQL Admin tools, rather than entering SQL commands into Terminal.
Pressing Escape now closes the Database window.
Scrolling amongst the records in Database no longer saves the changes – the Update button must be pressed.
Windows XP is now the only supported and tested platform of Windows for DocHaven.
Now supports non-expiring passwords.
‘Test’ button added to FTP Server administration.
‘Wipe Tables’ removed from Preferences since it is now built into to ‘Update’ in the Configure window. Clicking the ‘Update’ button no longer requires closing and reopening the Configure window.

DocHaven 1.0.7 — 27 October 2006
The Notify Owner lists for Mac showed only the first notification repeated – this has been fixed.
The Take Out and Copy Out FTP progress totals bar no longer shows complete at start of FTP.
There was a problem decompressing some files under Windows – this has been fixed.
New project now shows the uncompressed size.
The Find window now resets after the Cancel button is pressed.
Clicking on the Document window at start up no longer begins an FTP session, since it delays users wanting to take out a project immediately. This was to update the Get Info window field to show whether the user’s default FTP server is accessible. This field now only updates when the Refresh button is pressed in Get Info’s Status tab.
An FTP Delete file error occurred upon Put Away or Touch when removing the project(s) superfluous to the number of versions to be kept. This has been fixed.

DocHaven 1.0.6 — 21 October 2006
Fixed an error that crept in – the Archive/Export and Find lists were not updating properly.
Versions, Date Modified, Uncompressed Size and Owner fields added to the Find window.
No longer runs under Classic since the code has been moved from PEF to Mach-O for greater speed.

DocHaven 1.0.5 — 19 October 2006
Importing documents to a ‘localhost’ MySQL server where no network is available (e.g. Airport laptop) at all produced an Out of Bounds exception. This has been fixed.
The temporary area for transferring FTP files is now in a folder called ‘Library:Preferences:DocHaven Temp’ in the user’s Library folder. Previously it was in the ‘Macintosh HD:Library:Application Support:DocHaven Temp’ folder which was a security and privileges risk if multiple users logged on to the same machine.
The black line in the Archive/Export window is now straight!
There is now a minor delay after FTPing a file from the server to ensure the whole file arrives intact.
The FTP Progress window has a resize triangle to reduce the screen clutter.
The final lines in the FTP Progress window now appear in the log without having to scroll down to them.
Certain labels in the Project items in Manage Database are now properly aligned with their adjacent data, some have been bolded and some re-arranged.
Added the missing field borders in the Administer Database window.
Simplified and corrected the SQL commands in the Installation Guide.
The application is being converted to Universal Binary format.
Updated references to Cocoa MySQL to refer to the latest beta 0.7b4 which handles MySQL 4.1 and 5 passwords.
There is a problem decompressing under Windows. This will be fixed.

DocHaven 1.0.4 — 30 June 2006
FTP is now working properly in the Windows version so is now out of beta.
The Windows version is no longer running inside one window, but multiple separate windows.
A bug in Windows where the ‘Manage’ buttons would be greyed unnecessarily has been fixed.
The menu bar in Windows now only appears on the DocHaven Documents window, not all windows.
There was a conflict of keyboard commands on Windows with Select All and Archive both being Control-A, and Print and Purge being Control-P. This has been fixed.
The Documents window display files in a slightly smaller font and includes additional columns for the modified date and size.
The Import button in ‘Add to library’ was enabled before a folder was selected. This has been fixed.
The default ‘Add to library’ setting has been changed to ‘Import as one Project’
The FTP Progress window now defaults to verbose logging to help users see what is happening on slow Internet lines.
The zip format now encodes the individual document names as Unicode to better handle accents and symbols.
Hidden (invisible) files are no longer added to the project when zipped since the zip format has a problem with them.
Please note that locked files change to being unlocked when retrieved since the zip format does not record the locked status.
Aliases of files and folders are never stored in the zip file. This has not changed.
MacBinary information is included in the zip file whether the file has a resource fork or not (this is ignored and removed by Windows). This is because it holds the file’s creation date, which the zip format ignores - otherwise the creation date becomes the same as the modification date, plus it helps store some gif and jpg data.
The default FTP timeout was 20 seconds. This has been expanded to 60 seconds since there is often a large delay in response times from the FTP server (including the MacOS X personal sharing FTP server) even after a successful transfer over the Internet.
Logging out now kills any current FTP transfers.
In the ‘Configure’ window the Test button has been moved before the Update button since this is more logical.
The FTP Port and Encoding methods were being configured to the wrong settings (always port 21 and Unix). This has been fixed.
The default FTP port has been changed to 21 (from 20) since this is the port number used by MacOS X personal sharing.
The Find button in Manage Records now allows searching for text in any text field as well as record numbers.
The Export and Archive windows have been expanded to support projects with: a range of Project IDs, contains words in project name/keyword/file names plus a size criteria.
The Export and Archive windows now give the option to download all versions of a project or only the latest version.
The Add to Library, Export and Archive windows now give the total number of projects and approximate size of the proposed downloads.
The Export and Archive windows now give the option to decompress the projects after downloading (latest version download only). Please note that Archives are destructive and will remove all versions from the server and mark the project as archived.
If a Project is entirely empty a temporary file called ‘DH_Index.txt’ is inserted so that the Zip formatter doesn’t return an error due to having no files. This file is empty, can be deleted if found and should be automatically deleted open retrieval.
Temporary files are no longer stored in the Temporary Folder, but in the Applications Support folder in a sub-folder called ‘DocHaven Temp’. Temporary files are no longer moved into the Trash if they cannot be deleted.
Closing all windows (except FTP Progress, Notifications and Messages, plus Documents cannot close) with Command-W now fully wipes out all fields. To close a window yet keep the fields intact, press the Cancel button or escape key.
A warning is now given if an FTP transfer is on progress and when the user choses to log out or quit. If they continue, the FTP transfer is quitted and the partial file lost. This should not result in a loss of existing data.
Auto-synchronise no longer launches (causing an error warning) if an existing FTP transfer is in progress. It will simply wait for the next time increment to synchronise.
The FTP Progress window can now be resized vertically since the progress messages show in a list box rather than a pop-up menu.
There was an error where small projects would not download fully leading to an error that the central zip directory could not be found. This has been fixed.
There is no progress bar for FTP downloads or purges. This will be fixed.
There is a problem re-zipping a JPG file in windows. This will be fixed.

DocHaven 1.0.3 — 17 May 2006
The FTP transfer issue on the HMS’s DocHaven Server was router-based and is now resolved.
Purge now only shows a user’s projects by default even if they have access to other’s projects. New ‘Find All” button allows viewing all projects.
Now only the Owner of a template project may take it out. Non-owners can copy templates or create new projects from them.
A read-only Demonstration account has been set up on HMS’s DocHaven Server (Username: Demo, Password: demo).
Added Mac mini “Ultimate Server” to store for hassle free document serving.
Pop-up lists in ‘manage database’ now show up vertically rather than horizontally.
Added a Beta version of DocHaven for Windows. Note that the login window takes a while to appear and FTP is currently not working well.
Quota sizes were based on settings in Preferences rather than user quota limits. This has been fixed.
Maximum size of a compressed project has been changed from bytes to kilobytes. (Maximum value used to max out at 2.1Gb, now it is 2.1 Terabytes per project).
Maximum size of all projects has been changed from bytes to megabytes (Maximum value used to max out at 2.1Gb, now it is 2,100 Terabytes for all projects).
All quotas (total number of projects, size of each individual project and size of all projects) can now be set to zero representing unlimited quota.
The initial install now allocates a quota of zero (unlimited) to the administrator account.
The initial install now allocates a quota for new accounts to 1000 projects, 10 megabytes per compressed project and 1 gigabyte for all compressed projects. This will not affect existing accounts and can be changed in the Preferences.
Purge, Find and New no longer show deleted, archived or synchronise projects since they cannot be taken out.
Known issue: Non-administrator users cannot change their own password – this may be changed.
Known issue: Clicking ‘New SyncDoc’ when adding a User resets the un-updated user fields. If you make any changes to a User record, ensure you click ‘Update’ before clicking ‘New SyncDoc’.

DocHaven 1.0.2 — 25 April 2006
Non-verbose FTP logging now works for FTP Responses, not just FTP Status.
‘Delete Projects’ privilege was showing twice in Manage Users database, now fixed
Logging of all events now works
Added buttons to search logs by User, Project, Date or Notes
Added links to the MySQL downloads for 10.3 PPC, 10.4 PPC and 10.4 Intel installers, MySQL Reference manual and MySQL installation web page
Known issue: current manual is sufficient but in draft – this is being fixed by a professional writer
Known issue: in some circumstances the HMS DocHaven Server allows FTP login but not transfer – this will be fixed

DocHaven 1.0.1 — 7 April 2006
Removed accidental iDisk login request when choosing Preferences or Database.
Added more document file types/kinds
Added HMS email and web links under Help menu
Dimmed the Help window until it is finished
Known issues: many events are not being logged – this will be fixed

DocHaven 1.0 — 7 April 2006
Added ability to launch from Prefs file with it’s settings
New looking for server pop-up in login window

DocHaven 1.0 beta — 5 April 2006
All known bugs fixed – hopefully!
Command-R to reveal in Finder (if file, open parent?)
Allow import of a document or folder through drag & drop onto application
User limits on number, size of documents
Set menus to grey when not valid
Log off user to go offline
Zip project first before creating temporary document on import/put away to check if quotas are exceeded
Error in SQL when taking out documents fixed
Add to Library – only list Users that have access to, otherwise greyed
‘Touch’ project to put away a copy yet keep out for further edits
Check if documents in project are still open before being put away. If not give warning
Put Away on Quit warning if projects still out. Offer to put them all away.
Show quotas in Get Info window. Inform user of total documents, total versions, total compressed size, total uncompressed size, size limits, barber pole of space left
Button & menu to check if servers are available
Add ‘refresh’ button to get Info status for servers & quotas
Review status update for archive/export
Put document name under folder in Documents window & change name to kind
Synchronise DocHaven folder timer – default to once per day (1440 minutes)
Create a default Log entry on wiping database
User set descriptions for projects, etc e.g. Case for Document
Delete temporary zip files
Popup Help dialogs. Installed on fields and buttons of most but not all windows
Configured holymackerel web site with FAQ and download
Update Recent Documents table
Don’t allow login from disabled User account
Store FTP buffer size in table
New user – set synchronize document to off
LIMIT searches for records for non-administrators
Notify users of messages and notifications on login
Take out and open
Copy out and open
Print documents window (or any other). Lame results but something.
Administer Sever Data if sufficient privilege
Check that can’t take out other’s documents
Check that can’t put away other’s documents
Check that can’t put away a document that is not out to you
Revert a document making the version on the server the latest
Delete a document on server via purge to zero versions
Test ‘Create New From’ works OK
Export & Archive documents identical except archive removes all versions and marks as archived
Extract previous version document
Find documents working OK. Added pop-down list to make it simpler for common users
Purge documents (versions, by date modified, short term, user, client)
Archive Documents (by date modified, short term, user, client)
Serial Number limits to MySQL for total user numbers and expiry date.
Global preferences added
Personal preferences added
Allow MySQL choice in preferences, ‘File’ choice removed since different SQL commands would add complexity and MySQL works with localhost.
Import as separate documents
Down/Up arrow in Documents window causes error - fixed
Down/Up arrow in Documents window shows incorrect information - fixed
Get Info as separate sliding window
Document kinds and extensions added
Check DocHaven folder on start-up for non-out-to-you or foreign documents
Updates of Notes in Documents window working
Make Documents window resizable
Login as another user allowed
Fix FTP Zipping display
Find out how to ‘slide’ between documents in ‘database’

DocHaven 1.0 beta — 6 March 2006
Beta application removed until all known bugs are removed.

DocHaven 1.0 History — 14 February 2006
Added history of internet releases, moved many fixed issues to completed or not-to-do area.

DocHaven 1.0 Manual — 14 February 2006
Preliminary screen dumps and instructions for MySQL installation and launching DocHaven.

DocHaven 1.0 beta — 1 January 2006
Released onto HolyMackerel .Mac site ready for download and testing. Not many bugs, but a number of features are not complete. No install or user manual.

DocHaven 1.0 History — 1 January 2006
This document, but with only programming progress.

DocHaven 1.0 Manual — 1 January 2006
Essentially blank document.

DocHaven 1.0 Application — 17 October 2005
Began writing code.

DocHaven 1.0 Design — 1 January 2004
I began designing document management system after getting frustrated emailing budgets, songs, sermons and notices about church and not know who had the latest versions and not being able to go back to any previous version. Decided to make the program folder-based (called projects) since the MacOS often has file names that are pre-specified, plus we often have a few documents, spreadsheets and drawings for each area being worked on. After having used many PC systems with ugly, hard-to-use interfaces I search for systems on the Macintosh. The only systems were web-front ends for PC systems and so were limited to web interfaces, slow and had no facility for the Macintosh-way of doing things. Plus they cost tens of thousands of dollars. I designed my system to be totally Macintosh-way focused, so it looks like the Finder with many menus and command-keys working the same way. Where there is a choice to make a feature match Macintosh or Windows or generic, the Macintosh has been chosen. Macintoshes are rarely used in corporate offices, so the descriptions given for items can be adapted for use in schools, marketing, advertising or legal markets where Macintoshes are popular. There are document management systems for the Mac such as FileMaker and photo catalogs, but they are all limited to the type of document they can log, DocHaven can log any file whatever its creator or type.

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