What is CRMHaven?

CRMHaven is a shared address book of contacts. CRMHaven refers to your contacts as clients who may be your friends, family, work contacts, sales contacts, school children, etc. People usually have four problems with address books: getting your contacts in, cleaning up the contacts, contacting them efficiently and sharing the one copy of the data with others. CRMHaven solves all these problems!

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HMS Release History

Now approved and available on the Apple App Store.

Available Now CRMHaven 6.0 — 5 September 2013
[Fix] Now handles foreign characters better when importing from the Apple Address Book.

CRMHaven 5.2 — 17 September 2012
[New] Compatible with MacOS X Mountain Lion.
[New] You can now set the direction of the sorting of Client searches to Ascending, Descending or None.
[New] When sending bulk emails in an eMailMerge you can now send them: as individual personalised emails, non-personalised in groups of 100 (or other) or non-personalised as one large group.
[New] When sending bulk emails in an eMailMerge you can now send them with multiple attachments rather than just one.
[New] When editing a Client, there is now an icon next to the ClientOrganisation that looks up that company on an Article search site.
[New] There is now an option to turn off the auto-formatting of imported fields. Auto-formatting makes Names title-case, postcodes uppercase and email/web addresses lowercase.
[New] There is now a quick Email option to send to lots of people.
[New] The Email, Skype and Lookup buttons now show a hand pointer when the mouse moves over them.
[New] Reports have been replaced with CRM Views which can now be saved for each User and can be Group Accessible. Views are set of Clients you commonly search for including what columns appear, what order they appear in how many are returned and up to four search criteria. Views can be created, edited or deleted at any time.
[New] Offers to add an eMailMerge Event after mailing to Clients.
[New] Double-clicking an Event in the Edit Client window now opens the text in a window allowing you to edit multiple lines.
[New] Double-clicking a client in the Clean Clients Preview window will allow you to view and edit the client details.
[New] Clients can now be given a Nickname.
[New] As you click the Tabs in the Clean Clients window the list of Replace and Case fields updates to reflect the currently visible fields. This means you can clean new fields without having to close and reopen the Clean Clients window.
[Fix] You can now change the Date of a Client event in the Events window.
[Fix] There is no longer an error when checking for Duplicates with quotation marks in their names.
[Fix] The Title Case function now handles quoted last names better. The quoted text must appear at the start of a word or sentence. It no longer wrongly changes the case where the quote appears at the end of a word.
[Fix] The Import Preview now shows foreign characters correctly.
[Fix] The Add/Edit Client window is now a floating window. As you navigate to other clients in the main window, the Edit Window also changes.
[Fix] Searching for fields using ‘is/is not Blank’ now works properly - it no longer ignores Null values.
[Fix] Searching for fields using ‘Contains/doesn’t Contain’ now works properly - it no longer ignores Null values.
[Fix] Reduced the number of fields the SpotFind searches for data in to increate the speed and reduce the server load.
[Fix] No longer gives a Network error when clicking Show All in the standalone CRMHaven.
[Fix] If there are Clients who have no email address there is now a warning when you go to perform an email merge. You can either cancel or continue with the remaining email addresses. The list of ineligible Clients shows in the Error window.
[Fix] Fixed an error where many fields were not being duplicated properly.
[Fix] Fixed an error during looking up the OrganisationName from a CSV file where a database error would occur while adding a blank OrganisationName or index
[Fix] Fixed a bug where importing a csv file with lines ending with a comma would result in a blank client being imported.
[Fix] Fixed a bug where fields were not being imported when Duplicate Detection was turned off.
[Fix] Cleaning with a ClientOrganisation csv file now properly handles Organisation names containing single quotes.
[Fix] Cleaning names no longer brings up encoded garbage text.
[Fix] Buttons no longer show a tick next to the last chosen item. This stops this option being chosen if the user presses down on a button but moves off before letting go of the mouse.
[Fix] Adding/Editing a Client now loads the Client Edit window much faster.

OfficeHaven 5.1 — 22 July 2011
All Modules
[New] This version has been compatibility tested to run on MacOS X Lion.
[New] The versions on the Apple App store come with one year of service. After you create your account you will be asked if you want to link your Apple App store purchase to that HMS account and increase your storage. If you want to create a free trial account then you will need to download the free App Store version (with more limited storage) or from the HMS web site instead.
[New] The Quotas window now has five tabs of data showing your login details, current and maximum usage, your Pro status and logs.
[New] Purging files is totally changed. You now have a list of your files to check on for purging.
[New] On login, you are now given a warning if you account is due to expire in less than 30 days.
[New] In the Quota window Group Managers can now see the Quota values for any of the users they manage.
[New] From the Manage>Database>Group window, Pro users can now invite other Pro users to join their Group.
[New] Backup now starts the timed backup automatically as the Backup window is opened, if the folder location was previously set.
[New] Backup now remembers the folder location where the backup was stored.
[New] Backup now lists the file name in the Transfers window and puts a delimiter between each backup in the transfer log to make reading easier.
[Fix] Where transfers fail due to reasons other than FTP, the completed transfers list now more accurately reflects the failure e.g. Incorrect password or path.
[Fix] The field headings in the Backup CSV files are now surrounded in double-quotes to help spreadsheets (e.g. OpenOffice) recognise the file as a CSV file.
[Fix] The Date and Time is now displayed between each item of a backup so you can diagnose which items consume the most time.
[Fix] The 2SMS Email address has been removed since it was never used, but sends via FTP instead. It was used in case we needed the option to send SMS messages via email to
[Fix] On login, if now checks if you have verified your email address after registering your account on the internet. Account created with invalid email addresses will therefore no longer be able to log in.
[Fix] Clicking Show All in the Database window now shows all your records rather than your Lookup value.

[New] This version has been compatibility tested to run on MacOS X Lion.
[New] There is now an option to Skype the Work Phone, Work Mobile, Other Phone, Home Phone and Home Mobile numbers.
[New] There is now a clickable icon next to a Client’s Twitter name to allow you to view their Twitter messages.
[New] There is now a clickable icon next to a Client’s Skype name to allow you to send them a Skype message.
[New] There is now a clickable icon next to a Client’s MySpace name to allow you to view their MySpace page.
[New] There is now a clickable icon next to a Client’s LinkedIn name to allow you to view their LinkedIn profile.
[New] There is now a clickable icon next to a Client’s FaceBook name to allow you to view their FaceBook page.
[Fix] When viewing the Custom Fields view of another group, the headings show up correctly. Note you must have a Question header, Answers Header and at least one Custom Header set for each Group.
[Fix] When viewing a Client from someone else’s shared group the popup values now appear (rather than showing blank)
[Fix] When importing from the Apple Address Book, duplicates are now shown, but are unchecked so they won’t import.
[Fix] When adding a new Event to a Client for the first time, it no longer displays an additional blank event.
[Fix] The progress bar now shows the proportion completed when importing a file.

CRMHaven 4.9 — 2 May 2011
[Note] The feature has been tested more fully internationally. It needs port 21 accessible to FTP the text file to The resultant SMS text files are dated and stored in your documents folder for later reference.
[New] You now have the option to use the WorkPhone to receive an SMS if the WorkMobile field is blank.
[New] You can now choose a Country telephone code for the SMS prefix. If the phone extension begins with a zero it will remove this zero and add the country code prefix. US phone numbers do not need a prefix. For example to send an SMS to a UK phone number 07907 123456, check the box and choose ’44 (United Kingdom’. The SMS will be sent to phone number 447907 123456. Please note you will need an account with to operate this feature.
[Fix] Stops errant Clients appearing after performing a SpotFind then editing a Client
[Fix] Sending SMS messages now truncates messages over 160 characters rather than 140 characters.
[Fix] If there is no WorkMobile or WorkPhone then sending an SMS will show you an error.

All Modules
[New] When running a Backup the Project Name now appears next to the File Name so you know what Project is being backed up.
[New] The User now has their own WorkPhone and WorkMobile fields. These are used by TwitHaven to receive SMS messages, as well as acting as an internal record.
[New] The Backup now saves the files in CSV format rather than tab-delimited.
[Fix] The Quit menu has been returned to the Login window for Windows (sorry!).
[Fix] The Error window no longer appears after a Backup, unless there were errors.
[Fix] The DocHaven window no longer appears when a Backup is finished.
[Fix] The Configure menu, on Login, has been moved to the File menu.
[Fix] Old and unused fields in the User, Document and Screen tables have been removed.
[Deprecated] The HMS Solo option, while selectable via the Configure menu a login, is no longer supported.

CRMHaven 4.8 — 16 March 2011
[New] You can now search for a list of ClientIDs. They should be separated by commas, tabs or carriage returns.
[New] When editing a Client and you enter a First Name and leave the field while the Salutation is blank, it is tries to determine the correct Salutation for you.
[New] There is now an option to Hide/Unhide the Marked, Quick and ClientID columns. Resizing the columns will also reveal them again.
[New] Japanese provinces have now been added to the default States list.
[New] Italian provinces have now been added to the default States list.
[New] German states have now been added to the default States list.
[New] French Regions have now been added to the default States list.
[New] Entering/editing a Client, plus Filling the location gaps under the Clean Clients option now obtains the City, State, Region and Country for both USA and UK postcodes.
[New] Canadian Provinces and Territories have now been added to the default States list.
[New] Australian Capital Territory has now been added to the default States list.
[New] Added a Save button to the Import Preview window. This saves the potential changes as an Excel XML spreadsheet with the changes in bold.
[New] A button to Show All Clients has been added on the main screen replacing the Refresh button.
[Fix] When creating a New Blank Client the Custom fields now show the correct headers for the default Group.
[Fix] The Quick and Marked menus have been combined into one menu each.
[Fix] The progress window now properly disappears when exporting a Blank Template.
[Fix] The contextual menu items on the main Client window have been moved to the Options menu.
[Fix] Syncing both ways from your Apple Address Book has been removed until it works properly.
[Fix] Reports, DeDuplication and Drill Down have been moved to the Limit tab to unclutter the main window.
[Fix] Printing the merged text on Linux no longer crashes.
[Fix] Importing from the Apple Address book is working again.
[Fix] Fixed a crash where running a Clean Client operation while one was already running.
[Fix] Fixed a crash when displaying the Custom Fields and the number of columns being displayed was four or less
[Fix] Export on Linux no longer crashes when it goes to ask where to store the export file. It stores the export files in the Documents folder.
[Fix] Custom Headers now appear on new Blank Clients
[Fix] Client icons are now saved proportionally.
[Fix] After saving a New Blank Client the newly created Client now appears in the main window as a Quick Contact.
[Fix] Accents and non-ASCII characters now work with Group items.

OfficeHaven 4.7 — 13 January 2011
[New] Submitted to the Apple App Store. Awaiting Review and Approval.

CRMHaven 4.6 — 16 November 2010
[Fix] No longer gives an error when quitting from the Login screen
[Fix] No longer gives an error when viewing the Database tabs
[Fix] No longer a fatal error on Linux login

CRMHaven 4.5 — 12 November 2010
[Fix] DynamicsAccountID and DynamicsContactID are no longer listed twice in the window to choose display fields.
[Fix] Edit Group now shows lists in larger Database window to allow much easier entry of options.
[Fix] Exporting Clients uses the normal limits of Hidden, Duplicate and Limit number.
[Fix] Fixed a problem where a blank Server progress window remained on screen after the routine had run.
[Fix] No longer crashes after an export asks for a file name.
[Fix] No longer produces an error after trying to look up the DynamicsAccountID by CSV file if there are less columns
[Fix] Preview of HTML eMailMerge removes the field delimiters before viewing.
[Fix] Progress window does not disappear when an empty search is returned.
[Fix] The Samples option for Groups has moved to the bottom of the window.
[Fix] There is no longer a delay after choosing the DynamicsAccountID lookup file before the reading occurs and after the lookup occurs and the next step begins.
[Fix] When editing a Client and clicking on a Custom field the main window below is given the focus.
[Fix] When exporting to CSV files, blank values now show as empty rather than two double-quotes. This is more consistent of csv files.
[New] Editing a group now allows editing of the CashHaven Products, Salutations, SubRegions, Priorities, Industries, Owners, SICCodes, SOCcodes, Apprentices, Turnovers and Membership. If blank they use the System values.
[New] Provides default HTML text in eMailMerge
[New] There is now a small icon next to the Client address, email and web fields in the CRM entry to look up the address in Google Maps, create an email and go to the web page respectively.
[New] There is now the option to use a CSV Map file during import and export operations to translate both headers and field values.
[New] When cleaning Clients you now have the option to clean only Marked Clients, Current Clients (all those visible whether Marked or not) or All Clients.

CRMHaven 4.4 — 26 June 2010
[Coming soon!] Web browser access to view ScreenHaven screens, CRMHaven Clients, CashHaven payments, TwitHaven messages for iPad, iPhone or other users.
[Fix] Vastly reduced the number of network errors when working on a slow internet connection
[Fix] The Server progress window can now be shared amongst multiple threaded processes.
[Fix] Importing a csv file with a header of ‘fax’ no longer brings up an invalid column header message.
[Fix] Group Managers are now able to import and Clean clients without having to re-login first
[Fix] Sometimes only 100 Clients would be shown on launch, now all QuickView Clients are shown.
[Fix] Export to OrbitOne divides Account and Contact files into New and Existing Accounts and Contacts to make importing via OrbitOne easier.
[Fix] Export to csv now places data into double quotes instead of single quotes.

CRMHaven 4.3 — 18 May 2010
[Fix] Clean Clients: Updating records is now much faster
[Fix] Some Client fields are now auto-formatted before importing.
[New] When importing Clients you now have the option of showing only duplicates, only non-duplicates, showing both with any changed values in bold or showing with with the changes in bold and the duplicates unchecked.
[Fix] A separate popup now exists on how to handle duplicates. They can overwrite the data in the original file or then can be imported as a totally new client with the old client marked as a duplicate.
[Fix] Duplicate detection now much match the full last name and the first letter of the first name, plus any one of the following: matching work phone, email address or postcode (all non-blank).
[New] It is now possible to turn off the importing of individual clients in the import window
[Fix] For speed, it no longer shows NoContact, Hidden and Duplicate Contacts in italic.
[New] It is now possible to export to Dynamics CRM as two separate Accounts and Contacts files linked by a common ImportID. If you have multiple Clients that link to the one organisation, it is advised that you run the Clean function to match the OrganisationIDs.
[New] Checks for new version on HMS server.
[Fix] Advertising window removed.
[New] Imports data from MS Dynamics CRM including looking up the Account Name from the accountid.
[New] Clean data by search and replacing text at the start, end or anywhere in any column.
[New] Clean data by changing the case to Title Case/uppercase/lowercase/sentence case, converting linefeeds to returns, phone number to #### ###### format, removing excess commas/periods/returns/spaces, removing non-numbers/punctuation and converting to curly quotes.
[Fix] The UK postcodes look up table now searches to the space (about 2800 entries over the 200 previous) allowing a more accurate choice of town. You can now preview the look up even if a value already exists in a field.
[New] Duplicate detection can now show you the original entry, not just the duplicates.
[New] When comparing normal and Hidden clients as duplicates you can tell it to only mark as duplicates those Clients that are hidden.
[New] In Duplicate detection you can get it to Mark in the main CRM window the duplicates allowing you to handle these Clients separately.
[Fix] Bugs in the Search criteria 3 and 4 haven been fixed.
[New] You can now determine the sort order of any search results.
[New] Custom fields can now be set to be edited in-line by Group ID.

CRMHaven 4.2 — 6 January 2010
[New] When performing a text Merge there is now a ‘Please Wait’ window.
[New] There is now a new window to help copy a range of addresses to the clipboard and paste into for multiple Client links displayed on a web page or in a Google Earth document.
[New] There is now a new Window for sending marked SMS messages in bulk
[New] There is now a new option to copy the marked rows as transposed rows (horizontal row becomes vertical) with headers to the clipboard. This is useful to including details in emails.
[New] The set Attribute option now adds the ability to replace the attribute or add to the existing attribute.
[New] The new field called OrganisationID lets you group contacts, such as branches or franchises, that relate to the one central organisation. Defaults to the first ClientID.
[New] The new Duplicates tab allows the detection of more kinds of duplicates including name/organisation/postcode, name/work-phone, organisation alone and work-phone alone. Duplicate sets can be combined with the same Head Office ID.
[New] The Client now has the details for SMS
[New] The Clean Clients window allows you to update attributes (Country, Duplicates, etc), perform Search and Replace, change the case (uppercase, lowercase, title case, sentence case and curly quotes), fill in missing gaps (city, region, state or country), fill in web sites based on email address, suggest salutations based on first name, groups clients into organisations, detect duplicates and delete clients.
[New] The Clean Clients tab can now remove or replace leading and trailing text, double-spaces, carriage-returns, line-feeds and escape characters from most fields.
[New] Text comparisons in Search can now include greater than, greater than or equal to, less than and less than or equal to, blank and not blank.
[New] Set Attribute has been moved to become a tab in the Clean Clients window and is much faster.
[New] Now supports entry, viewing and searching on Skype, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, FaceBook and other social addresses
[New] No Contact has now been changed to Only Contact. You can now specify both no contact at all or allowable methods of contact.
[New] Export to Word now offers the option to merge to the Clipboard, allowing you to paste the merge text into any word processor rather than having to import a file.
[New] Edit Group now includes the new fields for the Group.
[New] Choosing a Group in the Limit tab then choosing to edit custom fields allows you to inline edit the custom fields for the displayed clients.
[New] Can Sync CRM contacts to Apple Address Book
[New] A warning dialog before deleting Clients
[Fix] The Send Email option now adds an eMail Event.
[Fix] SpotFind and client lookups now only begin searching after the return key is pressed.
[Fix] Find and Replace can no longer change the GroupID, Created or Modified fields (if visible)
[Fix] Export to Word Save As and Merge, now saves with the extension .txt rather than .doc.
[Fix] eMailshots with only a BCC email no longer causes an error. The workaround of placing an address in the To: or CC: fields is no longer necessary.

CRMHaven 3.3 — 14 June 2009
[Fix] Most CRM searches are much faster even with 100K clients
[New] Most time-consuming CRM functions can be cancelled
[New] Checks for UK postcodes and adds commonly applicable City, County, Country and Region
[New] A web site is now automatically generated from the email address.
[New] Checks and fixes upper/lower case on entry of Client fields (default is sentence case, title case for name, lowercase for email and web, uppercase for postcode)
[Fix] Importing template data into CRMHaven when set as DocHaven Solo now fixed (it was importing blank records)
[Fix] Marking and QuickContacts is now much more reliable
[New] Pressing the Return key opens the highlighted Client for editing
[New] Client fields now support UTF non-ASCII characters such as European language characters
[Fix] The Import file is no longer deleted after being imported.
[Fix] Mass marked Clients (>50,000) no longer slows down on searching.
[New] When a new Client is added, it is automatically set as a QuickContact.
[Fix] When overwriting Clients on import, a new blank value no longer overwrites an existing entry
[Fix] Exporting Clients as Excel now uses the .XML extension.

CRMHaven 3.2 — 7 May 2009
[New] On importing Clients there is now a window showing the details, whether to import that Client or not, whether that Client already has a matching duplicate and how to handle duplicate Clients.
[New] You now have the ability to edit an existing event’s details
[New] Adding a Client photo now resizes the photo if different from 100 x 100 pixels (it used to crop the photo’s display)
[New] Clients can now have multiple Relationships, Types, Categories, Sources, Keywords and Contacts
[Fix] If an imported Client sets a Group ID to one the user is not a member of the Client was not visible. This has been changed to set the default Group ID.
[Fix] SpotFind no longer fails with quote (‘’) marks in a name e.g. O’Brien
[New] Control-click on CRM list to edit or duplicate that Client
[New] Control-click on CRM list to copy Client address to Clipboard for quick insertion into a letter
[Fix] CRMHaven now able to import text fields containing quotes e.g. O’Malley
[New] Add England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and blank to Country list. (Yes, I know that they are nations in the country of the United Kingdom, but the UK is still there and it may be used for searching!(
[New] Now shows progress of CRMHaven imports – useful if they are very large!
[Fix] Checking for duplicates on CRMHaven import is now much faster as it downloads all the Name/Organisation data once first then check on this rather than checking with the server every time.
[New] Now allows CRMHaven to import either a tab-delimited (txt) or comma-separated-value (csv) file
[New] Now allows CRMHaven to export either a tab-delimited (txt) or comma-separated-value (csv) file or Excel (xls) file. Note the Excel file is in XML format that only recent versions of Excel for Mac can read. OpenOffice users will need to rename the file extension as .xml before opening. The Excel file preserves the columns types and sets basic appropriate column widths.
[Fix] Removed the ‘New’ button from Manage Client window. They should really be added and edited from CRMHaven.
[New] Actions now includes an option to send a TwitHaven message to a user regarding the marked Clients
[Fix] The Options and Marked functions now clearly separate those actions that are generic operations versus operations on only Marked Clients
[New] Admin level users can now delete marked Clients
[New] A warning is now given showing the number of marked Clients that will be affected before any action takes place.
[New] The setting of attributes on Marked Clients is now substantially faster as the actions take place on the server
[New] No contact is no longer just true or false but now includes types of contact allowable.
[New] The main CRM window now lists the # of Clients in total, selected, marked and quick contacts
[New] A warning is given when changing an attribute and there are no Marked Clients.
[New] Fields with restricted values in CRM can no longer be edited inline, and should be edited by double-clicking the Client
[New] Added a slider for changing the Font Size of Clients
[Fix] Group items that appear in a Popup list now appear correctly if they contain ampersands (&) in their name
[New] Field column widths are now proportional to their type of contents after each search
[New] Searching for CRMHaven Clients in Google Maps now includes searching for the organisation name.
[Fix] Marked Clients are no longer forgotten in CRMHaven when no longer visible and using the ‘Mark’ button
[New] Command-period (Control-period in Windows) can now be used to stop long processes
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